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Ladislav Stojanik


LS Solutions has seen over the last three decades advances in technology and accessibility revolutionize the modern world in all aspects including business. With so many possibilities to present business on the internet, it can be sometimes time-consuming, confusing or even frustrating. To hire a professional IT specialist or video producer as a full-time employee is often expensive.

LS Solutions offer an all in one solution for company needs, you pay for only the work that’s been done! My broad portfolio caters to all needs, from one off projects to longer term arrangements. I have cultivated my career through intensive training and experience, working with local SMEs and large MNCs in many industries as well as public sector clients.


Staying on the top of trends for big companies can be difficult due to many employees involved. As a freelancer I set aside my own time to invest into studies and researching.


I work closely with my clients to achieve results that some companies employ a whole team to do. I have honed my skills to produce high quality projects every time.


GDPR compliant using only encrypted cloud solutions and trustworthy person. You can be assured your data is in good hands with LS Solutions.


All of LS Solutions works are seamlessly connected across many digital tools I use achieving maximised results.

LS Solutions Work

Whether it’s a small or big project, my passion is storytelling. Storytelling is what connects people and connection is what makes a project successful. Story in many ways results in strong memory, memory of your brand or message. Creating a story on social media platforms results in lead generation, followers and engagement and ultimately sales.

LS Solutions Specialisation

My career and educational history has provided me with a unique and valuable skill set. I combine my background in IT with my video production work with many of my clients, giving my clients a wealth of experience in one contact.​

Video Production

With over 5 years of experience in video production your products will truly shine in video. My experience in videography spans several corporate environments and projects from small scale to multiple days shooting including drone footage.

School ICT

Is your network slow or unstable? Do you need to upgrade your network infrastructure? With over 8 years of IT experience you can be assured your school will not be slow down by your hardware under my control. Teachers can focus on what matters most.

Corporate IT

Complete IT solutions for your daily business needs. Need to go cloud? No problem! My services provide encrypted cloud backups with lowest prices on the market!

Some Of My Happy Clients

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