LS Solutions – New IT Services

I am delighted to announce three new IT services available at your disposal immediately. Each and everyone of them have been carefully prepared assuring maximum quality service LS Solutions has been always providing. Learn more about each service here.

Asset Management

Your servers, computers, mobile phones, printers, switches, firewalls, VoIP systems and so much more organised. All your assets will get assigned a unique tag which will hold all important information at your disposal 24/7.

VoIP Systems

The future of VoIP is rising faster than ever before. Many companies are offering contracts which are very hard to get out from or cause too much work when you simply want to amend your package. My VoIP solution has no contracts, meaning you truly own fully featured world leading VoIP systems and you can switch to any SIP providers at any time without all the hassle.

Digital Signage

Say goodbye to overly expensive digital signage, which is so hard to manage. My Signage system has all the features you ever need and super easy to manage! I will provide all the gear necessary to deploy your new signage.