Showcase of my work

Whether it’s a small or big project, my passion is storytelling. Storytelling is what connects people and connection is what makes a project successful. Story in many ways results in strong memory, memory of your brand or message. Creating a story on social media platforms results in lead generation, followers and engagement and ultimately sales.

89 Videos in 2019

Storytelling after all

With years of experience in video production your products will truly shine in video. My experience in videography spans several corporate environments and projects.

128 Graphic Projects

And still counting

I’ve been working closely with brands based in Dublin to design wide range of products, info posters, event graphics, careers brochures, websites and logo designs.

Many Clients

Don't give up

My career and educational history has provided me with a unique and valuable skillset. I combine my background in IT, ICT and digital world, giving my clients a wealth of experience in one contact.​

Truck Curtain Design – Floor Design

A few days back I finished working on truck curtain for Floor Design Ltd and I have to say I am absolutely pleased how it worked out. Can’t wait to see on the truck with my own eyes!

O’Meara Aspect Design

Absolutely delighted to work with O’Meara Aspect Design Ltd on their new website. Working hard together we’ve brought to live a new website which is snappy with modern design in mind and elegance! Looking forward to this new path with O’Meara Aspect Design!

Linders Group – Covid 19

Latest work for Linders Group. If you need an informational video about your business re-opening, now it’s the right time. Production can be turned around within 48 hours!

Floor Design

I am pleased to showcase my latest production for Floor Design LTD. This one is one of my favorites.

Eskimo Software

Delighted to create this beautiful short introduction video for Conor Moran at Eskimo Software.

All New Opel Corsa

I am delighted to be one of the very first video production guys in Ireland to shoot the all new Opel Corsa.

New Dinner Menu

It’s just before Christmas, showing your business and your products is crucial task. Don’t let your business run down by poorly designed content. My video production will cover all your needs!

Clonskeagh Motors

It’s always a pleasure to work with Ross from Linders Van Center in Finglas. This time we decided to promote Berlingo range for 2020 with bit of fun in mind.