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I apply a customized set of actions which meet all best practice guidelines gained through years of application and keeping close to latest trends, releases and updates

SEO - LS Solutions


Optimizing the quality & quantity of leads that land on your website. I ensure that your website ranks well at the right time for the right user.

Digital Audit - LS Solutions

Digital Audit

I can identify opportunities that your organisation can take advantage of and the gaps that need to be bridged.

Digital Advertising - LS Solutions

Digital Advertising

I will allocate resources effectively by targeting users as they are searching in real time, thus ensuring your ad appears when their interest is high.

Analytics - LS Solutions

Analytics & Insights

Insights & analytics drive my understanding of your customers and their behaviour. My approach involves a heavy reliance on digital data analytics & insights to make informed decisions when building your digital practices and strategies. My adherence to data-backed decision-making means you can place faith in the strategy I develop for you.

PPC - LS Solutions


Digital advertising allows your brand to allocate resources effectively by targeting users as they are searching in real time. Ensuring your ad appears when intent is high.

Social Advertising - LS Solutions

Social Advertising

Social advertising is the only real way for brands to reach & engage their audience with organic reach diminishing due to the pace of social platforms. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube provide strong targeting capabilities.

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Pricing Guide

Each package variates, pricing for guidelines purposes only. Pricing based on a typical package.


Essential Basic Cover
  • Basic SEO
  • 5 Keywords
  • Seo Monthly Reports
  • Basic PPC


Basic Package Plus Below
  • Advanced SEO
  • Up To 10 Keywords
  • Advanced PPC
  • Basic Social Media Management 1 Platform


Advanced Package Plus Below
  • Pro SEO
  • Up To 20 Keywords
  • Pro PPC
  • Advanced Social Media Management (3 Platforms)
  • Content Creation (Graphic Design, Video Production)
  • Web Design

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